The calm before the storm

And so it would seem, another storm is on the way. This one could be the one we talk about for years and measure time by. “Let’s see, the storm of 2015 was 2 years before I ……” Judging by how excited my husband is, this really could be it. He was stuck on the highway in Connecticut during the blizzard of ’78. Check it out, there is a whole website dedicated to that one!

Belfast Harbor - Photo by Karen Olson

Across the harbor

So before the crazy snow whips it’s way in again, I head out the door for some shots of whichever harbor I could get close enough to. Belfast harbor fit the bill.

Belfast Harbor - photo by Karen Olson

Belfast Harbor

The monochromatic images are a sharp contrast to the high def full color images of Costa Rica. They have a beauty all their own and I remember again why I love Maine, even in winter.

Twin tugs - photo by Karen Olson

Twin tugs

Ducks in the harbor - photo by Karen Olson

A million ducks

I peeked just over the snow bank at Lincolnville Beach to find a million ducks, well, maybe 300.

Iced in - photo by Karen Olson

Iced in

But my favorite images are minimalist abstracts with contrast.

Standing but not alone - Photo by Karen Olson

Standing but not alone

So for now I have my indoor activities all lined up to keep my attention on something other than the crazy whipping wind and 2 maybe 3 feet of snow coming in upon us.

Hey, I see a little sun, maybe it won’t come at all!

Karen Olson

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